Daniel Ng Photography

Open House Melbourne 2017

As you may know, Fi and I love to attend Open House Melbourne. It is always fun to bring the camera along and challenge ourselves to capture these buildings in all their architectural glory. This year was special because Fi was 38 weeks pregnant, and she was determined to see as many buildings as possible and not let her baby bump slow her down. We managed to make our way around to some amazing buildings, including KPMG, Fieldwork, Cox Architecture, ACMI X, Fifty Albert, and Woods Bagot, just to name a few.

Here are a selection of photos Fi and I took over the weekend. I was thrilled to learn that the first photo below, taken at KPMG in Docklands, won first prize in this year’s photography competition. Totally unexpected and a real honour to be selected from some fantastic photos.

20170729_Open_House_Melbourne-Dan-3128 20170729_Open_House_Melbourne-Dan-3242 20170729_Open_House_Melbourne-Dan-3199 20170729_Open_House_Melbourne-Dan-3176 20170729_Open_House_Melbourne-Dan-3005 20170729_Open_House_Melbourne-Dan-3016 20170729_Open_House_Melbourne-Dan-3303 20170729_Open_House_Melbourne-Dan-3298 20170729_Open_House_Melbourne-Dan-3285 20170729_Open_House_Melbourne-Fi-5225 20170729_Open_House_Melbourne-Fi-5069 20170729_Open_House_Melbourne-Fi-4896 20170729_Open_House_Melbourne-Fi-5599 20170729_Open_House_Melbourne-Fi-5688 20170729_Open_House_Melbourne-Fi-5422 20170729_Open_House_Melbourne-Fi-5728 20170729_Open_House_Melbourne-Fi-5704 20170729_Open_House_Melbourne-Fi-5620 20170729_Open_House_Melbourne-Fi-5670 20170729_Open_House_Melbourne-Fi-5495-Edit 20170729_Open_House_Melbourne-Fi-5567